Here is the list of most disturbing movies that you might not able to watch alone. Or it might put you in a situation where you couldn’t sleep for a long time.

Most Disturbing Movies to Watch in 2019

A Serbian Film

In our list, this freaking movie makes the first place for a reason. The story revolves around a life of retired porn star who is looking for a job. Finally he got the job to produce a movie.
However, he found himself involving in acts that are insanely disturbing. He did anal sex with all the characters and also brutally killed them.
The movie has full of deadly violence and pornography that your eyes may start bleeding.

Cannibal Holocaust

This movie surely gives you goose bumps all over your body but in a scary way. Cannibal Holocaust is about a film crew who lost their way in lush green Amazon rain-forest and never came back from there.
The rescue team failed to find the bodies of them. However, they find clips of films that are full of graphic violence.
The clips is full of violence and there is no clue why it happened but will surely make you shit your pants.


This movie is all about 30 mins of extreme horror with zero dialogues. Where God disembowels himself and tears himself piece by piece.
Also people raping him is the most disturbing thing that’ll stay with you forever.


The film “Antichrist” based on Danish experimental film. this disturbing movie portrays the dreadful combination of sadness.
And sodomy in such a way that will leave its footprints into your mind for long period. The story of this horrifying film revolves around a couple, who are struggling with the death of their son.
They went to a secluded cabin for a weekend, looking for someone solace but shockingly, they start representing predatory sexual behavior and masochism that you will probably never forget.

The Human Centipede: The First Sequence

The story of this movie revolves around a mad German Scientist, who kidnaps three foreigners to do some shitty experiment that is impossible to imagine by an average human.
The scientist pulls out there teeth, rip out their knee caps and attach their anus to the others mouth to fulfill his deranged fantasy to make a human centipede.

Ichi the Killer

This movie is actually an adaptation from a manga series of the same name by Hideo Yamamoto. The plot follows the violent Yakuza through the eyes of Ichi, who becomes aroused when he is infuriated.
The movie is so disturbing that the cinemas management handed out vomit bags.
Moreover people fainted during watching the movie. This is why many countries banned this movie.

In My Skin

A girl who gets into a strange kind of obsession with her bruise after she injured herself with a piece of metal and becomes so obsessed that she starts feeding off her day in and day out.


The story of this disgusting movie revolves around the dysfunctional family, where father casually tell his son that he raped two of his pals, but give surety that he would never rape him.


Have you ever seen post mortem? If you are going to watch this movie, it will blow your mind. The movie begins with a scene of a graphic autopsy of a body and soon takes a turn to the disturbing and dark alley.
The amount of depravity showed, coupled with necrophili, is unspeakable. Even though this movie is 30-minutes long but still you wouldn’t able to forget it for a very very long time.
Of course, it is almost impossible to watch these movies with your family. However, if you are looking for horror movies, you can see my best horror movies to watch on Netflix blog


While watching this movie, it will make you shiver due to inhumane actions. The story revolves around a person “Shigeharu Aoyama” a widower, who is looking for a new wife.
For this, he plans a casting call for a movie that will never going to happen and soon fall in love with “Asami Yamazaki.” What happens next will definitely leave you with uncountable sleepless nights.

Nekromantik  1987

This movie is almost unbearable to watch since it is full of extremely disturbing scenes and it cannot be endure by a normal person at all.
The story is about a road cleaner, who takes a dead body to his home and ask his girlfriend to have sex with it, wait what?
The creepiness is not over yet. Soon the road cleaner find that his girlfriend is not sexually obsess with a dead body.
After that what follows will make you throw up and will also put you off from eating for a solid day or two.


Man, I am telling this movie is impossible to watch. The story revolves around three siblings, who rarely let go out of their house by the dysfunctional pair, whom they have as parents unless their dogtooth falls out.
You will see torturing of three siblings that will remain in your mind for a long time.


Despite featuring one of the hottest actress of all time “Monica Bellucci”, this movie is said to be the most ‘walked out’ film of all time.
It focuses on two Parisian men, Marcus, and Pierre, who are on a mission to avenge Alex, Marcus’s current girlfriend and Pierre’s former love, who was brutally raped.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

The movie title already gives you an idea regarding how distorting it is. This movie is a screenplay of a book written by Marquis de Sade.
The story revolves around four wealthy Italian men who kidnap 18 teenagers and put them into the life of perversion and inhumanity.
This movie has all the creepiest things you might never hear of, including sadism, sexual depravity, and horrific murder.

I Spit On Your Grave

If you are brave enough to completely watch this movie, your mind may spit out a thought “What the fuck I just watched”.
The story revolves around a female author who gets raped by five random men for no substantial reason. However, the movie will not end here. After the rape, the woman takes even pernicious revenge on four men

More Disturbing Movies to Watch

Dabbe 6

Dabbe: The Possession

Caligula (1979)

Martyrs (2008)

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The Green Inferno (2015)

The Woman (2011)


From Beyond

Brain Dead

Dead Alive


Ilsa She Wolf of the SS

Ginea Pig Flower of Flesh and Blood

August Underground

Naked Blood

Man Bites Dog



 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Slaughtered vomit dolls

 The Girl Next Door

the-girl-next-door - disturbing movie

Voyage to Agatis






Visitor Q

visitor-q (1)

 The Exorcist






The ABCs of Death

The ABCs of Death - disturbing movie

 The Last House on the Left

THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT - Most disturbing movies

 Incident in a Ghostland


Enter the Void

most disturbing movies - enter the void


most disturbibg movies - trainspotting

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange - 1971

Requiem for a dream


Know Something more disturbing movies? why not recommend in the comments below!!

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